With our restaurant currently closed, we know you are all missing our weekends of cocktails, food and music. We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests back upon our re-opening, but in the meantime, you can recreate your Tarshish night, at home using these three easy cocktail recipes. 

We have given you the recipe to our most popular three cocktails which our guests know and love! So why not make the most of your time at home and start mixing up some delicious cocktails for your household. Why not make a night of it and get dressed up, for the real Tarshish experience. 


Keep reading to discover how to mix a Pornstar Martini, a Russian Red Spring and our Minty Mojito cocktail. Which will you make first?


Passionfruit Martini London

Everyone loves a Pornstar Martini and we don’t know about you but we are starting to crave the return of our favorite Saturday night drink! The Porn Star Martini is really simple to recreate from the comfort of your kitchen



  1. 60ml Vanilla Vodka
  2. 30ml Passoa
  3. 1tbsp Lime Juice
  4. 1tbsp Sugar Syrup
  5. Prosecco to serve
  6. 2 Ripe Passion Fruits



Cut your passion fruit into halves, and scoop out the contents of 1.5 of the passion fruit and put it into your cocktail shaker (keep one half to the side for garnish)! Add the Vodka, the Passoa, the lime juice and the sugar syrup into the shaker too and shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Pour your prosecco into a shot glass and serve alongside your drink! Enjoy your fruity passion fruit martini!


Cocktails London


  1. 60ml Raspberry vodka 
  2. 30ml Raspberry Liqueur 
  3. 6 Fresh Raspberries
  4. 10ml Grenadine 
  5. 1tbsp Sugar Syrup
  6. 1 tbsp Lime Juice 
  7. Prosecco to serve



Add the vodka, the liqueur, the fresh raspberries, the grenadine, the sugar syrup and the lime juice to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and shake shake shake! Top with prosecco and enjoy your fruity masterpiece! Who will you make this for?

Minty Mojito


  1. Juice of 1 lime 
  2. 1tsp Granulated Sugar
  3. Handful of mint
  4. 60ml white rum
  5. Soda Water to taste

To make the perfect mojito you need the above ingredients. First start by muddling the lime juice, sugar syrup and mint leaves in a glass, being sure to crush the mint leaves and you go. Pour this mixture into a glass and add plenty of crushed ice. Pour in the rum and top with soda water to taste. Mix with a long spoon to ensure the rum is properly mixed in. Garnish with a remaining mint leaf for the perfect finishing touch.

Which of these delicious cocktails will you be making first? Or will you be trying them all? Treat your family and friends with a taste of Tarshish and make these super easy cocktails for them to try at home! Be sure to tag us if you recreate these cocktails and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Tarshish for the real thing in the future.